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The Connecticut Cannabis Chamber of Commerce (8/1/2023)

An insider's look at the work of the Connecticut Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.


Post-Session DeBrief with Rep. Mike D'Agostino (6/16/22)

In the effort to decriminalize, legalize and regulate adult-use cannabis in Connecticut, Rep. D'Agostino has been and continues to be at the fore of the public discussion. As chair of the CT General Assembly's General Law Committee, Rep. D'Agostino has a unique perspective on how far we have come, and what the cannabis industry can expect in the years to come.

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Realities of Real Estate Roundtable (5/4/22)

When it comes to real estate in this new industry, things can get very complicated very quickly. Leasing, purchasing, and construction bring with them a host of considerations and concerns, not least of which is the nature of local zoning regulations and navigating local government. We clear up some of these issues with a panel of experts: Deanna Rhodes of the City of Norwich, Marc Okun of NASRCC, and Skip Lane of Cushman & Wakefield.

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Finance & Banking Roundtable (6/29/2022)

Despite a lot of progress over the last decade, the cannabis industry still struggles to access a fundamental piece of the U.S. economy; the financial system. CT Cannabis Chamber President Adam Wood hosted a frank discussion with industry and policy experts.

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Checking in with DCP Deputy Commissioner, Andrea Comer (6/7/22)

CT Cannabis Chamber President & Founder Adam Wood checks in with Deputy Commissioner Andrea Comer of the CT Department of Consumer Protection. Commissioner Comer, who also Chairs the CT Social Equity Council, delivers good news about the state of the cannabis business licensing lotteries and when applicants can expect the process to move forward.

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An Overview of Connecticut's Adult-Use Cannabis Market (2/4/22)

Introducing the CT Cannabis Chamber! Learn more about Connecticut’s first cannabis industry trade organization, and participate in an industry briefing with experts from the Department of Consumer Protection and Social Equity Council.

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